ConocoPhillips Slashes Spending Outlook, Healthcare Spending Down

Energy giant ConocoPhillips is slashing its business spending outlook for 2015 as oil prices continue to plummet. The company reduced its 2015 capital spending budget by 20% compared to its to 2014 budget.

Healthcare spending is down, too. In 2013, healthcare spending hit $2.9 trillion, but a new report said the spending rate increased by only 3.6% last year, which is lower than seen in 2012.

The Supreme Court has ruled that a temp agency won’t have to spend more money paying Amazon workers as they wait in line for security screenings at the end of shifts. The court said the extra pay was not required and the screenings, which aim to prevent worker theft, are not an “integral and indispensable” part of the job.

Boeing announced it will reduce production of its 747-8 jumbo jets starting in September 2015. The airplane manufacturer will produce 1.3 planes per month instead of 1.5 planes a month, or two fewer plans a year.


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