The Spend Matters Gift Guide: Coffee Press

Wondering what presents to procure this holiday season? The Spend Matters Gift Guide offers suggestions on what to give your friends, family or your boss this year. Today's gift suggestion comes from Pierre Mitchell, chief research officer at Spend Matters. 


For the coffee snobs in your life, or for anyone who merely likes a proper cup of coffee, I'd highly recommend the Aeropress coffee press, which you can find on Amazon where it also comes with a travel bag. It's only $25 and makes an awesome cup of coffee. You can take it on business trips (I recommend also bringing some high quality freshly ground coffee rather than using the hotel crap in a bag). If you want truly fresh ground coffee, grind your own whole beans and bring a mini Hario hand grinder ($22), which also gives you a great forearm workout.

In the hotel, just heat (or double-heat) water through the coffee maker and pour it in the Aeropress. You'll get a superior cup versus the over-roasted and lesser quality chain outlets (Starbucks included).

The payback period on the Aeropress can literally be weeks, but it's the lowest TCO coffee product out there bar none.

Now, on the other side of the scale, if you don't have a good local coffee roastery, then buy your green unroasted beans (which keep for a long time) by mail order and then roast them yourself at home with the new Behmor 1600 Plus home roaster ($369).

I don't have one, but hopefully Santa will bring me one this year.  Yes, I've been naughty, but I've been nice too!

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