The Spend Matters Gift Guide: Good Tequila

Wondering what presents to procure this holiday season? The Spend Matters Gift Guide offers suggestions on what to give your friends, family or your boss this year. Today's gift suggestion comes from Xavier Olivera of Spend Matters México y América Latina.


If you are thinking to give a Christmas gift to your boss or CPO, there is no better gift than a good bottle of tequila. It’s the best ROI any other gift will have, and if you happen to cheers with it, for sure the ROI will be higher. I will suggest Tequila el Patron, which you can choose from several varieties: Gran Patrón Burdeos, Gran Patrón Platinum, Gran Patrón Piedra, Patrón Silver, Patrón Añejo and Patrón Reposado. The price range is $49 to $495. If you can go with the Gran Patron Platinum, do it. It’s a little expensive if you have set budget for gifts, but certainly a great gift nonetheless. And, you and your boss will not be disappointed. I can bet on that.

(You can buy it online from “El Patron.”)

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