2015 Spend Matters Prediction: Sustainability – in Europe at least!

As we kick off our 2015 Spend Matters predictions, we’ll be sharing a bunch of diverse thoughts from our global analyst team throughout the month of December (figure, on average, one prediction per day).

Our first prediction for the coming year is that in 2015, sustainable procurement, or procurement driven by “holistic economic thinking,” will become even more closely tied to business models and for that reason, sourcing. This is, of course, really what strategic sourcing is all about – as well as the Toyota System and its focus on eliminating waste (muda) in all forms.

The Dow Jones Sustainability Index is one of the leading indices for companies. Fully adopted, this isn’t “flavor of the year” hype, but a precondition for doing business – definitely so in Europe. There are still many charlatans in the green space, and various counterproductive feel-good activities (recycling newsprint comes to mind), but we expect (or hope) for them to be exposed as such and fade away.

The growth of sustainable procurement practices will also be closely linked with the rise of “real” platform and data providers – both established names such as Dow Jones, and newer faces such as Ecovadis. We will continue to see consortia, which agree on standards for data collection, also influence activities as well.

It’s never easy being green. But it is getting easier, with European procurement organizations continuing to take a leadership role.

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