Top 10 in 2015: Invoice Discounting and Why This Will Be Its Year

With the year winding down, media outlets everywhere will be delivering their top 10 lists. Top 10 albums of the year, top 10 new shows of the fall season and so on and so forth. We here at Spend Matters have created our own list and proudly present it in this new, free piece of downloadable research: 10 Reasons Why 2015 Will Be A Banner Year For Invoice Discounting.

Jason Busch, executive editor of Spend Matters, Pierre Mitchell, chief research officer of Spend Matters and David Gustin, executive editor of Trade Financing Matters, offer in-depth commentary on why they think upwards of 25 percent of growth can be expected next year from the Global 2000 as a result of adopting invoice discounting.

Download the paper here.


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