2015 Spend Matters Prediction: B2B is About to Meet B2C

2015 will be the year when B2B gets close to B2C – or at least one aspect of it. We describe this prediction as CRM coming to SRM. And here’s how it works...

As procurement groups broaden and deepen their supply services to meet stakeholder needs, they are applying more CRM-related strategies, techniques and tools. Whether it’s measuring “customer” satisfaction, using guided-buying techniques/technologies, deploying “help desks” of various forms, or tying procurement to stakeholder-specific processes, procurement is moving beyond category management to “customer” management.

The last decade in B2C has been all about getting closer to the customer – tailoring, anticipating and nurturing, both online and in retail environments. Procurement is already starting to learn about how to manage its “customers” and other constituents (we include suppliers in this list as well, mind you!).

Customer management won’t work for all types of procurement orientations or individuals. It is, after all, the opposite of “my way or the highway” type of thinking or said another way in retail, “you must buy this way.” But those procurement types that fail to make the transition will soon find themselves increasingly cast aside.

Multi-channel, multi-engagement, empathetic engagement – 2015 is when procurement will learn more from B2C than ever before.

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