Retailers Frustrated With West Coast Port Slowdown, Eased Sanctions With Cuba Could Increase US Exports

Retailers are feeling the negative effects of the continued port slowdown on the West Coast, saying their goods are stuck on shipping containers instead of for sale at their stores. Companies are reporting a loss of revenue due to the situation, like Lululemon Athletica Inc. saying the port slowdown may drag fourth-quarter sales down by $10 million.

US companies will more easily be able to export products to Cuba now, as trade sanctions between the 2 nations have eased. Cruise ship companies are especially excited about the possibilities of the eased sanctions.

Toyota hopes to bring its hydrogen-run car to the mass market. Called the Mirai, the new vehicle is expected to be available in the US and Europe by late 2015.

Ford Motor Co. is expanding its recall of some Mustang cars due to Takata air bag defects. The number of recalled older-model Mustang vehicles now tops 500,000.


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