2015 Spend Matters Prediction: Opting Into Procurement Activities

Far too many procurement organizations service their customers (the business) with a grimace rather than a smile. The more successful ones, however, engage with empathy and influence, rather than brute force. This holds true on the supply side of the equation as well. Here at Spend Matters, we believe in 2015, enablement and democratization will begin to more frequently trump mandates. Top procurement organizations have already started the march to making processes more transparent and engaging so stakeholders are continually involved, whether they are casual requisitioners, “walk-up” suppliers, auditors, etc.

Procurement (and procurement solutions) will enable visibility to subsequently influence and coordinate rather than just “gate keep” and mandate. Guided buying and tail spend management are 2 good examples. Just as IT is having to accommodate and embrace BYOD (bring your own device), procurement will begin to embrace BYOS (bring your own supplier) vis-à-vis stakeholders helping to be procurement’s eyes and ears to spot risks and opportunities.

Procurement and IT might even support each other and build a more flexible approach to incorporate more strategic best-of-breed applications and services AND integrate it well into an ERP environment. Or they might not. Maybe by 2016. We’ll keep trying to help.

In the meantime, start thinking by making the business want to “opt in” to procurement activities – rather than being forced to swallow an often bitter compliance pill that comes with a long list of side effects.

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