Airbus Doesn’t See One Order All Year for Double-Decker Plane, L.L. Bean Works Double Time to Fill Orders

Airbus now offers a double-decker plane with luxurious features such as shower suites and stand-up bars. However, the plane maker has not received a single order this year from a passenger airliner for the A380 wide-body plane.

L.L. Bean is facing a different challenge: filling the many orders it is receiving for its iconic rubber and leather boots. The company has seen a boost in demand lately and is taking steps to meet that spike by adding more workers and manufacturing equipment to its boot factories.

Large retailers have adopted an “omnichannel” strategy to try to fill the many online orders they receive. However, they still struggle to run as efficiently as Amazon warehouses.

Apple has responded to claims by the BBC that the company needs to improve working conditions in its Chinese factories. Apple said it was “deeply offended” by the claims.


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