2015 Spend Matters Prediction: Happy Millennials

The millennial generation is coming to procurement in full force. Increasingly, the post-graduate school workforce and recruited talent (let alone undergraduates) are coming from the millennial generation. But how can we keep this demanding bunch happy?

Besides more frequent feedback on the job, there’s a lot to be said for engaging them the way they want to be engaged with technology. Which brings us to our next 2015 Spend Matters prediction: a happy millennial workforce in procurement.

To make this happen, solution interfaces are being overhauled in a hurry: mobile/multi-device, consumerized, personalized, dashboarded/workbenched, collaborative (we won’t use the term “social”), millennialized, and proactive (based on real-time analytics). Procurement influence must be enabled, not hindered by, technology, and 100% adoption is a key goal, especially since the workforce is changing.

Disillusionment with old school technology (and with old school procurement organizations) will only increase as Generation Y staff with “I can get an app to do that” attitudes move into senior positions and become cynical about procurement. Only job rotations of future leaders through a progressive procurement organization will help prevent this.

Is your procurement technology “millenialized” yet? It should be!

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