The Spend Matters Gift Guide: A ‘Walk in the Woods’

Wondering what presents to procure this holiday season? The Spend Matters Gift Guide offers suggestions on what to give your friends, family or your boss this year. Today's gift suggestion comes from Taras Berezowsky, managing editor for the Spend Matters Network.


This fan of Bill Bryson's "A Walk in the Woods" suggests giving the gift of a walk in the woods – nope, not a printed-and-bound copy or e-book download of the Iowa-born travel writer's misadventures on the Appalachian Trail, but an actual walk in the woods for the desk-bound loved one in your life. Consider an experiential offering of an unlimited-access park pass, whether it's for the National Park system or your local regional or state parks. (The walk could also be in the prairie, desert, or any other ecosystem not harboring woods.) That way, your giftee will be able to get outside the cube or open-plan office into the open air, water and soil while they're still relatively least compared to China's.

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