A Seasonal Case Study – Complex Distribution Problems Solved!

Spend Matters Europe Editor Nancy Clinton and I took on one of our more exciting assignments after we were asked to write a case study relating to a client of Trade Extensions, the advanced sourcing software firm.

This client had faced a difficult issue that, at worst, could put its whole business at risk, and they needed help in terms of running an incredibly complicated tender for global distribution services – much of the requirement concentrated on one particular evening, just to make matters worse. When the problem hit this business, “It left the organization on the brink of a distribution catastrophe as the team solely responsible for driving the Christmas delivery vehicle thousands of miles delivering millions of presents on Christmas Eve were unlikely to recover in time for Christmas.”

Yes, you’ve guessed it – in case the picture didn’t give it away already! Our case study looks at how the SLEIGH organization (Santa’s Logistical Enterprise Innovative Gift Handling) used “market informed sourcing” to find a distribution solution when Santa’s herd of reindeers recently fell ill with a bad case of the flu. We’re told they should be better soon, but Santa could not take the risk of hoping for the best and needed to engage a whole range of firms to get the presents out to boys and girls around the world for Christmas.

You can read all about how he used the software to handle this challenging and huge problem, and the interesting constraints he and the system had to consider when running the sourcing exercise - “For instance, we decided we didn't want more than a handful of goblin-run companies – you can’t always trust those goblins.”

And, you will even hear how he is looking to use the platform in a wider manner next year to increase the effectiveness of other parts of his operation. You can read the whole paper here, courtesy of Trade Extension’s very pretty Christmas site – you don’t even have to register! Happy Christmas.

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