2015 Spend Matters Prediction: Bigger Picture Applications

When was the last time you bought a car only to find it had no gasoline as you tried to leave the dealer’s lot? Unfortunately, in the area of source-to-pay applications, we’ve spent many years buying the proverbial equivalent of the car, all those dealer-installed options and an extended maintenance only to find that we need to put our own gas in the tank just to get to the first traffic light.

No more.

In 2015, “Empty Apps” will begin to fade. Feature/function wars will always be fought (the “0 to 60” race), but providers will increasingly load up technology solutions with value-added content and services such that vendors who only sell “empty applications” are going to be finding themselves at a disadvantage over those who can offer a broader total solution that can drive better business outcomes.

Extensive integration with ERP, commodity pricing and various third party content will become a new normal as will category-level IP in the form of templates, workflow, terminologies, benchmarking and much more. Some providers will provide bigger picture applications through finding clever ways of showing customers their own data, as a service, in ways they never looked at it before (such as real-time network price benchmarking for like SKUs).

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