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Sure, it's Christmas. It's a happy time of year, full of celebrations, lots of food and gifts. But today, we are also going to remind of you all the not-so-positive things we experienced throughout the year. It's our roundup of our Friday Rants - those opinion pieces where we speak out about the terrible, annoying, nonsensical things we come across in our daily lives.

Say what you will - that perhaps our shoes are too tight, or our heads are not screwed on just right – but we do make some valid points in these "rants" ... from what is wrong with spend category taxonomies, sourcing and current procurement research to that discount Air Canada airline Jason flew on earlier this year. Check out some our favorite Friday Rants below!

It’s Time to Blow Up Spend Category Taxonomies Once and For All
In one of our more recent rants, Pierre Mitchell tells us, as the title suggests, what is wrong with spend category taxonomies and why they need to go away.

AmEx’s Expense Tool Redesign – Their Employees Leave The Card at Home
Thomas Kase does not care for the new American Express expense reporting tool. The difficult to use spending tags, the utterly useless spend data displays, the disappearance of core features... I could go on. But, I will let Thomas take it from here.

Finally, GM Realizes Europeans (and Others) Like to Buy German Products, Especially Cars
GM is focusing more on its Opel brand. This is great. What we have a problem with is why this took the auto company so long!?

Sourcing Scurvy – And How to Fix It
Scurvy - with its open wounds, jaundice, fever and lethargy - has it plagued your sourcing initiative? Thomas Kase talks about how to make sure it doesn't.

It’s Time to Pull Procurement Research Out of the Gutter
Pierre Mitchell thinks the quality of procurement research has plummeted. Sure, the quantity is up there, but the quality of it is down. This needs to change.

A Review of Air Canada Rouge – Just Say No for Business and Personal Travel
This is the post that received a lot of attention this summer when we published it. The article also drew in tons of comments from readers. Read on to see why ... the opening paragraph in which Jason says, "Air Canada’s new discount service made my family red with anger on the inside," may have something to do with it...

Stop Bullying “Best Practices” and Start Applying Them Thoughtfully. Here’s How (Part 1)
Best practices, when applied right, can actually be beneficial. But, as Pierre points out in this article, they must be interpreted and implemented correctly for an organization to be successful.


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