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Happy holidays from Spend Matters! Today, we round up our best coverage from some of the biggest mergers and acquisitions throughout the year. Enjoy your Christmas and New Year, and enjoy taking a look back at our 2014 M&A articles!

The SAP/Concur Deal of 2014

SAP Buys Concur for $8.3B – A Great Deal (But Out of Necessity, Not Strength)
Of course we had to include this story (and the others we wrote on the SAP/Concur deal). In this post, Pierre Mitchell details what was said on an investor call shortly after the acquisition announcement was made and what it all means.

SAP Buys Concur: Cultural Fit, Scale, Target Customers and More
Thomas Kase weighs in as well on the acquisition here in this PRO Spend Matters research brief. Kase calls the merge "a curious marriage," and wrote "The Concur deal is not a relative slam-dunk for SAP like Ariba and Fieldglass." Find out why.

Even SAP’s Employees Are Asking the Question: “Why did we buy Concur?”
A month after the acquisition was announced, Spend Matters ran into some SAP team members at a conference who asked, "Maybe we can find out from you guys why we bought Concur!” Pierre Mitchell details why the question is a fair one.

Additional M&A News

Where M&A and Procurement Intersect – Accenture Spend Trends Q3 2014
The earlier procurement can becomes involved in M&A activities, the better. The intersection of procurement and M&A is a topic we have covered before at Spend Matters. In this article, Jason Busch talks specifically about the intersection as discussed in the Accenture Spend Trends Q3 2014 report.

Procurement, Supply Chain Network Design and M&A: Tips For Getting at the Data
Here is one such article where Jason talks about the intersection of procurement and M&A. Specifically, he discusses supply chain network design and procurement in an M&A context. "The combination of the two areas can dramatically extend the role and scope of procurement in M&A strategy development, due-diligence and post merger integration," he writes.

Facebook & WhatsApp, The M&A Bubble, and Valuing B2B Companies With New Metrics
Remember when Facebook bought WhatsApp for $19 billion earlier this year? Read up on it here. Also, check out Jason's take on the "M&A bubble."

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