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Happy New Year from Spend Matters! As we begin 2015, let’s take a look back at 2014. From rants and random thoughts to insightful takeaways, we share with you some of our most popular and favorite "incendiary tidbits" from the year.


Ebola – The Deadly Butterfly Fluttering Through The Supply Chain
Ebola was a big part of the year - making news headlines for months in 2014 as the deadly virus spread throughout the globe. How did it impact the supply chain? Thomas Kase tell us. He also shares insights from conversations with 2 companies - Resilinc as well as riskmethods - about how, specifically, the virus impacted them and their clients.

Purchases: Don’t Take Supplier Ethics Too Seriously, Let Them Buy You a Cup of Coffee
In this article, Jason Busch talks about the “zero tolerance” policies at some companies regarding supplier relationships. Find out why Jason thinks such policies are unnecessary.

Zara's Supply Chain Blunder - In Time for Fashion Week
Lisa Reisman, executive editor of our sister site MetalMiner, weighs in on clothing chain Zara’s controversial fashion mistakes - like putting swastikas on handbags and yellow stars on children’s pajamas that look uncomfortably similar to the stars worn by Jewish holocaust prisoners. Lisa asks how exactly these 2 upsetting products made it all the way through the supply chain without someone saying, “Wait... something is not right here.”

There's Marijuana in Your Supply Chain: How to Smoke It Out?
This article grabbed a lot of attention from readers. Thomas Kase talks about a study showing a “substantial” number of employees go to work under the influence of marijuana.

Prediction: USA 2020 – Will We Have Any Major Corporations Left?
Thomas Kase writes, “Fundamentally, I think it is practically a violation of your fiduciary agent responsibilities to continue to keep headquarters and key business functions on U.S. soil.” He also asks if there will be or should be any major US corporations headquartered domestically by 2020.

Procurement Needs to Stop Benchmarking Itself Against Procurement
This Friday rant written by Pierre Mitchell touches on the mistakes procurement organizations make when benchmarking themselves. “Most procurement organizations know to benchmark themselves against others outside of their own industry, but they often don’t look to completely different functions, processes, technologies, techniques and even cultures to help them find and deliver new sources of value,” Pierre writes.

Party Like the ‘90s – When is May 2000 Coming?
Thomas Kase shares his key takeaways from a speech given by Dr. Laura D’Andrea Tyson, business and economics professor at the Haas School of Business at the University of California, Berkeley, at the Supply Chain Insights Global Summit in Scottsdale, Arizona, this fall.

Even SAP’s Employees Are Asking the Question: "Why did we buy Concur?"
After SAP acquired Concur, some of SAP employees wondered if the $8 billion deal was worth it.

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