2015 Spend Matters Prediction: Family Robinson Alert!

Sometimes it’s good to kill the baby as quickly as possible (or as Fat Bastard is fond of saying, “Get in My Belly!”) In 2015, we need to get those digestive juices flowing and start dissolving one group more quickly than others. Fortunately, market forces will take care of this for us.

The group we speak of are data scientists and robots, both of which we see happily dying a quick death – or at least we hope. We’re not sure how and when analysts and statisticians donned their “data scientist” lab coats, but let’s please do away with this term ASAP.

Yes, it sounds cool, but enough is enough. Similarly, can we please reserve the term “robots” for physical critters powered by AI rather than software that will replace BPO staff? Can we also maybe rename “Robotic Process Automation” to just “automation?”

Robots are good for cleaning our office floor (until they get stuck under the table). They also make good pets. But let’s keep them away from procurement.

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