2015 Spend Matters Prediction: Performance Matters More

With apologies to those who don’t geek out on KPIs, it’s a good time to score. 2015 will see the continued rise of procurement performance management. It is something that is good for all of us – except, perhaps, those team members and suppliers that coast by under the radar having gamed the system just enough to keep the status quo, well, the status quo.

Underperformers will increasingly be ousted in 2015, but not simply because we’re losing patience for mediocrity in our teams and supply chains. Rather, data will begin to speak for itself, as we have more of it rolled up into aggregate performance measures.

All this sounds good. But let’s face it, scorecards are not the sexiest thing on the planet even if they are key to ensuring alignment and are a popular area of focus for technology providers and service providers alike. The former want to tie their solutions programmatically to the KPIs they influence (e.g., spend analysis tools that are also savings analysis/management tools). The latter want to use technology to help value-sell their solutions and embed themselves into a continuous loop of assessments and gap closure projects.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that, of course!

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