2015 Spend Matters Prediction: Amazon, the 800-Pound Gorilla Buyer, Breaks Out of the Procurement Jungle

E-procurement is already getting “Amazoned,” but in 2015, Amazon will get “e-procuremented.” Nearly every e-procurement implementation these days features the desire to have a consumerized B2C “Amazon-like” experience. Hallelujah! OK, but what about Amazon itself, namely AmazonSupply?

We expect AmazonSupply will start lining up e-procurement partnerships in 2015. We wrote about one already in the UK before the mother ship pulled that back until a more robust plan could be put in place. Quick, stop those nimble Brits!

It’s only a matter of time. Amazon is a marketplace and needs B2B “on-ramps” beyond corporate consumers with p-cards. Luckily, by not owning the on-ramp (like SAP/Ariba), and by publishing some good APIs and partner guidelines, it can engage dozens of e-procurement providers of all colors to onboard its installed bases to AmazonSupply.

But, obviously there’s a lot to work out, namely Amazon’s fees to the merchants (which makes Ariba Network fees look like a steal). We’ll need to see how this plays out, lest MRO vendors and everyone else feel like they’ve had the “hatchet” brought down on them like a pile of books.

Joking aside, watch Amazon closely in 2015.

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