Online Travel Agencies Merge, US Manufacturing PMI Hits Year Low

Expedia Inc. is buying rival travel site Travelocity for $280 million. The two online travel agencies have worked together since 2013, and the merger represents how “crowded” the market has become.

The flash US manufacturing PMI fell to a 12-month low in January to 53.7. New business growth is also down to the lowest level in a year.

UPS’ outlook for 2015 was cut due to high company spending during the recent holiday season. The delivery company hired more employees and ramped up capacity to ensure on-time deliveries late in the year.

We leave you with one more tidbit before your weekend begins: The world is closer to a doomsday. The “Doomsday Clock,” created by Manhattan Project scientists, has been moved to 3 minutes before midnight. Happy Friday!

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