What’s in Store For Procurement in 2015? Check Out Our Recent ‘Ask the Expert’ Webinars!

Have you been keeping up with our 2015 procurement predictions? During the last few months, the Spend Matters Analyst Team has been sharing their top predictions for the new year. And, in January, we started a special Ask The Expert webinar series going over these predictions. The webinars, which can be listened to here on Spend Matters, include an overview of the predictions and expert commentary from Jason Busch, Pierre Mitchell and Thomas Kase.

So far, we have gotten through 3 installments of these webinars, covering 15 of our 20+ new year predictions. Check them out below!

Part 1 - Originally recorded Jan. 8
Predictions covered:
1. Sustainability (in Europe at least)
2. Innovation
3. Be Scared
4. Configure to your heart's content
5. B2B is about to meet B2C

Part 2 - Originally recorded Jan. 15
Predictions covered:
6. Opting into procurement activities
7. Happy millennials
8. Big friendly data
9. Bigger picture applications
10. Understanding direct procurement

Part 3 - Originally recorded Jan. 23
Predictions covered:
11. The M&A boom continues
12. PaaS is the new black
13. XaaS - everything as a service
14. Services procurement breaks free
15. Small is beautiful

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