Spend Matters Launches Chief Procurement Officer Site

The team here at Spend Matters is thrilled to announce the introduction of our latest site within the Spend Matters Network. Simply called “Chief Procurement Officer,” and hosted here at Spend Matters.

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The homepage of our new CPO website

It is a new site for CPOs, procurement leaders and their teams so we can address a few market needs:

  • Our published content volume continues to increase (we now have nearly 25,000 free site members on Spend Matters, in addition to Plus/PRO members). And, as our readership has been shifting increasingly toward practitioners, we’ve received feedback from procurement executives saying there is often simply too much content (and sometimes admittedly too much intelligence on technology providers). CPOs and their teams are obviously extremely busy, so this new CPO-dedicated site is a first step toward better role-based personalization of our content until we can implement our next generation of a content platform.
  • More CPO-level content on leadership, transformation, talent management, case studies, interviews, focused research, original insights and “next practices” that go beyond the usual CPO conference war stories. We will, of course, feature our own original research and content from across the full Azul Partners family of sites, but we’ll also try our best to cull and curate the best insights out there regardless of the source.
  • Readers like the new mobile-friendly, responsive website style that we’ve rolled out on Public Spend Matters Europe and that we plan to eventually roll out on more of our sites. On the CPO site, you’ll find 3 primary sections focused on research & insights, opinion, and yes, technology. We’ve also added a content aggregation stream that we’ll increasingly curate more outside content rigorously over time. And you can read it on your desktop (or tablet or smart phone). Finally!
  • Most important, while there are other CPO media publications such as CPO Agenda (which is now SupplyBusiness) and CPO-focused membership organizations like Procurement Leaders, there are not any executive-level sites that provide research, analysis, advice and truly objective analysis of procurement providers of all forms (a role only served in silos by expensive membership-based analyst/advisory firms in IT, BPO, consulting, etc.).

This last piece is important. Procurement is itself a service provider. With limited budgets, it needs to maximize its bang for the buck on how the procurement provider “mega market” (including SaaS, content, analytics, market intelligence, consulting, BPO, MSPs, etc.) and its players are shifting – and how smart firms should best engage them.

We are not afraid to “call it like we see it” in our analyses of even the most formidable providers like SAP, AT Kearney, Accenture and others – regardless of whether or not they are clients of ours. We believe that procurement organizations need deep category management expertise for their external spend too!

We hope that you’ll check out Spend Matters Chief Procurement Officer and let us know what you think.

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First Voice

  1. Jason Busch:

    My hat goes off to Scott Slone, Pierre Mitchell, Michael Lamoureux, Sheena Smith, Kaitlyn McAvoy and everyone else on the core team who brought Spend Matters CPO alive. Now the fun part begins! Congrats on a great launch.

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