Best of Spend Matters Network – Week of Feb. 9

Welcome to this week's Best of Roundup - giving you the greatest and latest in the Spend Matters Network. Enjoy!

Best of Spend Matters

E2open Becomes a Private Party – Now What about the After Party?
One of the various M&A news stories this week: Insight Ventures acquires supply chain software company E2open. Pierre Mitchell offers his reaction and analysis of the deal.

Spikes Cavell Goes to Xchanging: Product Summary and Analysis
Time for a PRO-level analysis of this M&A story: Xchanging buying Spikes Cavell. The Spend Matters Analysts team dives into this deal. Find out why they say the deal is “about far more than blurring of the lines between BPO and SaaS applications within procurement.”

Best of Spend Matters UK/Europe

Building Procurement Credibility
There are some issues in procurement that may never go away, like “savings” – how we define and measure them and who takes the credit for them. In this case study on French railway giant SNCF, we discover how procurement used Sievo software to speak to finance in its own language and raise procurement's credibility.

More Women in the Boardroom — Can Procurement Help?
State of Flux brought us a post that got lots of social interaction this week. It looks at the recent efforts made in the UK to increase female representation across FTSE 100 organizations, and asks whether it should be about the best person for the job regardless of gender.

Best of Public Spend Matters Europe

Delivering Government as a Platform – Breaking New Ground in Europe
This guest post from IDC analyst Max Claps looks at the Digital Government vision. He explains how delivering government as a platform assigns new meaning to the verb “to provide” making every new digital service available via an open API and a web browser, to encourage private sector innovation.

How Do Suppliers See Their Government Customers? Are You a Cash Cow?
Peter Smith looks at how suppliers see both the current attractiveness of the business they get from a particular customer and the future potential from that customer, through the Boston Consulting Group matrix. He then applies his findings to the European public sector.

Best of MetalMiner

Is the LME’s NASAAC Contract in Terminal Decline, or Facing a New Lease on Life?Copper: What’s the Size of the Surplus?
A bang-bang look at 2 base metals this week – MetalMiner Editor-at-large Stuart Burns examines 2 markets, aluminum and copper (one seemingly healthy, one rather sickly), and where their fundamentals stand at this point in Q1. The LME’s North American Special Alloy Aluminum Contract (NASAAC) seems to be on its deathbed (Stuart tells you why); meanwhile, the red metal’s surplus seems to be more of a red herring.

Best of Trade Financing Matters

World’s Best Supply Chain Finance Providers – Or so They Say!
Global Finance magazine recently named the World’s Best Supply Chain Finance providers for 18 different categories. What do you think, are these the world’s best according to their analyst?

Onboarding – Don’t Forget the Back Office Part IV
Supplier enablement for various early pay initiatives, whether they be reverse factoring, dynamic discounting or p-card programs, can prove to be the Achilles heel of otherwise perfectly architected and engineered programs. A detailed onboarding plan is in order, and includes the front-, middle- and back-office.

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