Grade: F – The Staffing and Contingent Market Report Card Is In

And not even an E for effort. The fact is that vendor management system (VMS) tool sets are simply not being used to their fullest potential. It seems that many in the procurement world are content to get by on barely satisfied customers and a comfortable status quo. But we can do better. Jason makes the case for How the Staffing and Contingent Market is Failing Procurement: The Evidence in a new piece of free research from Spend Matters.

An excerpt: Who is to blame? It’s easy to “shoot” the messenger – staffing firms and the incumbent MSP, but the blame rests with numerous other parties as well, including consultancies, outsourcing firms, staffing researchers and, perhaps most serious of all, procurement itself.

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  1. kris colby:

    Good stuff. Is there an accepted services taxonomy?

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