SAP, Oracle and ERP Integration With P2P – Advanced MDM Scenarios

Successful P2P implementation and integration relies on many surrounding business process and application areas. Many of these related solutions also benefit from a Master Data Management (MDM) approach. MDM defines which solution becomes the “keeper of record” and which fields are the “golden masters” for other systems to reference. Integration is a key aspect of this, of course, and organizations should ideally start to think about these MDM elements during P2P and ERP integration planning.

While embarking on a P2P effort, these are also a range of additional areas to consider addressing alongside the broader question of supplier and spend MDM. These include:

  • Supplier Lifecycle Management (SLM) – which should be globally consistent and compliant with MDM applied to avoid duplicate supplier records
  • Onboarding – a subset of the SLM effort primarily focused on A/P enablement and financial risk management; also a critical component of P2P enablement
  • Compliance issues – these include Code of Conduct, Foreign Corrupt Practices, Prohibited Parties, Conflict Minerals, etc. Whether required by internal mandates or external regulators, procurement can best address these areas through a consistent SLM approach
  • Supplier Performance Management (SPM) – a competitive enabler that relies on globally consistent definitions of metrics across similar businesses, also benefits from an MDM effort
  • Benchmarks – These include both in-network and external benchmarks, whether provided by internal BI analysts, meta data aggregated by solution providers across their business networks or from external consultants. In any scenario, benchmarks rely on a clear baseline that MDM can help deliver
  • Risk management – financial, geopolitical, operational and multi-tier are just a handful of areas to begin (as a starting point)

Core MDM considerations should be part of all P2P integration strategies. But advanced use cases, such as those outlined above, can bring additional value to deployments and increase procurement’s overall sphere of influence in the business.

Master data management (MDM) is one of the most critical yet complicated elements of P2P deployments to get right. To truly “master” the topic, read, Cloud P2P Deployment: A How-To Guide to SAP and ERP Integration with eProcurement and Beyond (free download on which this post is based). Authored by Xavier Olivera, director of P2P research, Jason Busch, founder and managing director, and Thomas Kase, vice president of research, this white paper provides an ideal starting point for ERP (SAP, Oracle, PeopleSoft, etc.) and P2P (e-procurement and e-invoicing) master data management considerations for both basic and advanced use cases.

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