What It Truly Takes to be a CPO – A Spend Matters Analysis

Over at our CPO-focused website, Chief Procurement Officer, we recently published a number of in-depth articles on the role and responsibilities of a CPO. What does it take to be an effective CPO? What all does the job entail? What skills are needed to be the leader of a procurement organization? Spend Matters analysts Pierre Mitchell and Michael Lamoureux dissect the definition of the CPO role and discuss each element of the job – from budget management to developing and managing procurement team staff and more.

Make sure to head over to the CPO website to read this full series, which now includes 7 installments. There is more to come, too! So make sure to stay tuned and check back!

You can also read the stories by clicking on the links below:

Part 1- CPO Job Description: A Procurement Leader

Part 2- CPO Job Description: Primary Responsibilities

Part 3- CPO Job Description: Picking Procurement Technology 

Part 4- CPO Job Description: Managing Procurement Staff

Part 5- CPO Job Description: Developing Procurement Staff

Part 6- CPO Job Description: Aligning Procurement With Other Business Functions

Part 7- CPO Job Description: Budget Management

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