What Procurement Can Learn From the “World’s Best Presentation Ever”

Have you heard of the Global Soap Project? Thomas Kase, Spend Matters vice president of research, learned about the initiative himself at the recent ISM Supply Chain Diversity Summit. And, he wrote a Plus post on it, which we published earlier today - make sure to check it out!

A bit more about the story...

Founder and leader of the Global Soap Project Derreck Kayongo spoke at the ISM event, insirping the audience with his quest to send soap to Africa and places around the world that need it most. Derreck's project recycles hotel soap - tons of which is thrown out every day – and makes it useable again for countries with limited sanitation opportunities. Derreck's speech at the event was "the world's best presentation, ever," according to Thomas. Derreck "knows business, strategy, supply chain, logistics, fundraising and how to motivate staff." His project can also teach procurement some lessons.

Before heading out of the office today, make sure to take a read through Thomas' article: ISM Supply Chain Diversity Summit Dispatch: A “Clean” Lesson from CSR Initiative.

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  1. Mike Smith:

    I heard Derrick speak at a different conference last year and was blown away…until I did some homework. He hasn’t been leader of the project in over three years (see http://www.globalsoap.org/about/leadership/) and it is hard to find mention of his playing any role in the project’s growth and accomplishments since then. He’s good at giving speeches but he clearly overstates his role.

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