Empty Apps Are Out – How To Target Indirect Spend More Effectively

Empty apps are so 2012. When it comes to enabling indirect spend today, if you plan to leverage empty-apps without pre-populating additional content and even third-party contracts in certain cases, you might as well outsource indirect spend entirely without even doing a cost/benefit analysis.

What we term “pre”-enablement is key to get away from the empty-app mindset. Pre-enablement involves thinking through everything besides simply bringing a supplier up on an e-procurement, VMS or T&E program/implementation. It involves investigating options for leveraging either the supplier itself in providing additional content and information as well as potential intermediaries.

But where is the best place to begin?

We can pre-enable P2P and other indirect-centered applications and apps with:

  • Pre-negotiated contacts, pricing, terms, etc.
  • Special offers (from suppliers either directed at overall organizations or individual users)
  • SKU and service information with the ability to drill into a given line item for more context
  • Additional user information and context based on where a shopper is (including literally and physically) in the buying process
  • Social insight – from internal and external sources, such as ratings, rankings and recommendations

Pre-enablement is the new P2P enablement (provided you don’t forget all the basics that go with the standard P2P territory). Ignore it at your own loss!

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  1. Pierre:

    this is one of our 2015 predictions!… http://spendmatters.com/2014/12/23/2015-spend-matter-prediction-bigger-picture-applications/

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