Exploring SciQuest Release 15.1: NextLevel Conference Dispatch

Eric Zoetmulder, vice president of product management, took the stage at SciQuest’s NextLevel conference this morning and shared a number of product themes around where SciQuest is placing emphasis on investing in its suite and individual modules. While we will be covering some of the specific product-level enhancements in detail in the coming days on Spend Matters PRO, some of the general themes he shared included:

  • Emphasizing “value through integration” or, in other words, focusing on building a common suite built on a single data model. This includes re-platforming all the acquired applications SciQuest has purchased over the years. Eric noted that the Total Supplier Manager and Sourcing Director product were released as part of the integrated suite initially in 2014. Spend Radar and Contract Director will be available in 2015.
  • Driving to “efficiency and ease of use” for frontline consumers of the application in procurement or in the business (or organization). In other words, “fewer clicks” and true “mobile-/tablet-friendly” applications as examples.
  • Adopting a “mobile mindset” first and foremost – this includes a shift from tablet-friendly applications to a true mobile environment and mobile apps for Android and iPhone. Eric sees as a “complete shift in the market where you have to use your phone to do your job,” and the device becomes front and center rather than an app afterthought.
  • Enabling “insight and control of spend” through greater visibility and the ability to focus on exceptions as required – and drill down into information on demand. This includes new dashboards (not just high-level in the analytics sense, but workspaces that cut across modules and allow drilling into both data and activities).


The platform and product development work that has gone on behind the scenes at SciQuest in recent quarters is very significant and shows material progress toward a single, fully-integrated suite. Progress is coming fast and furious in certain areas (e.g., sourcing) and subsequent releases will put SciQuest in the best-of-breed territory on a modular basis in more and more areas.

Stay tuned for further live coverage from SciQuest NextLevel today. And, make sure to check out our previous coverage of the event below.

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