Facebook’s CIO Has a Thing or Two to Teach CPOs

This week on Chief Procurement Officer – the newest addition to our network of websites –Pierre Mitchell began a series based off a recent interview The Wall Street Journal conducted with Facebook’s CIO Timothy Campos. Much of the series focuses on a CPO leading the charge to find the best procurement solution for the organization.

Here's a snippet from Part 1:

"The Wall Street Journal recently published a great article that featured an interview with Facebook’s CIO Timothy Campos, which offered some great lessons for both CIOs and CPO’s alike. The biggest one, though, is the commitment to picking the right approach and tool that’s best suited to the processes that add differentiated value to the customer. For non-strategic, back-office functions, vanilla ERP is great and cloud-based ERP is even better. But, for strategic processes, as Mr. Campos plainly states: 'You can’t go buy the off-the-shelf solution that everyone else has and expect we’re going to have a better outcome. We found that tweaking off-the-shelf software would force us to adapt our process to the tools. We want to do the opposite: make our process better, more efficient, faster. Our tools are very purpose-built.'”

Part 2 of the series, published earlier today on Chief Procurement Officer, "drills down" on how a CPO can show a CIO that procurement cannot make do with a single business application.

Make sure to head on over to our CPO-specific website to check out the full articles in this series!

Part 1: What CPOs Can Learn From Facebook’s CIO

Part 2: "Engineering” the Best Procurement Software Solution

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