Revealing Your ‘Secrets’ to Procurement Technology Providers

In a PRO article published earlier today, Thomas Kase, vice president of research, argued why procurement organizations should tell all technology providers they are considering investing in who their competition is. Titled appropriately, Procurement Technology Solution Selections: It’s Time to Show Your Hand to ProvidersThomas says revealing this information will actually work in your favor. A short excerpt from the article:

" letting prospective suppliers know who their competition is, you will create greater sense of urgency, get suppliers more fired up about working with you and more effectively close the gap between your idea of scope and needs versus suppliers' actual capabilities."

Today's PRO article is also part of a series on procurement technology Thomas began earlier this year. Make sure to check out Improving RFP-Driven Technology Sourcing Outcomes: Strategies and Tactics, too. This article talked about the importance of a procurement organization sharing information about itself to technology providers as a way to be taken more seriously.

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