$#it CPOs Say – A Research Report

Pierre Mitchell, chief research officer, has heard his fair share of CPO keynote speakers close with such hollow, common-sense phrases as, “It’s all about the people – get the best team,” and “Ensure senior management commitment.” He might be a bit jaded at this point as a result, but was inspired enough to write his own parable, This is How Procurement $#it Happens, which is now available for FREE download here.

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  1. anu gardiner:

    Nice one Pierre! I frankly think procurement savings goals, independent of LOB budgets – have outlived their utility. If you want business to be prudent about their spending, then you should give the responsibility for doing that to the business. Cutting budgets is one way to do that. But having Procurement endorse the prices/rates that business is able to get is another. Basically, if Procurement assesses the performance of the LOB by validating purchases, LOB will be lining up outside Procurement to get their help. Problem solved.

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