Afternoon Coffee: Amazon Starts Testing Drones Outside, But Companies Report Challenges in Using Devices for Delivery

Amazon will begin experimenting with drones outdoors to study the feasibility of using the devices for 30-minute delivery. The Federal Aviation Administration gave the company the green light to test drones outside on Thursday.

However, The Wall Street Journal also reported companies are facing challenges using drones for small deliveries due to short battery life of the devices, unreliable location data and weather issues.

New research shows a third of retailers are not using supply chain forecasting technology. Nearly 30% use spreadsheets for forecasting instead of proper technology solutions.

US oil companies are turning to investors to help cut company debt created by low crude oil process. Companies have raised about $8 billion during the first 3 months of 2015, more than 10 times the amount raised during the same 3 months last year.


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