Afternoon Coffee: US Imported Record Amount of Auto Parts in 2014, and is Apple Really Creating a Car?

The US imported $138 billion worth of car parts in 2014 from foreign suppliers – a record amount. Comparatively, just $31.7 billion worth of parts were imported in 1990.

Speaking of the auto industry, Apple could be entering it as rumors spread of the tech giant creating an electric car. Check out this source’s reasons (like “design genius” and billions of dollars “burning a hole in its pocket”) for why Apple would create a car supply chain.

McDonald’s may have recently announced it plans to phase out the use of antibiotics in its supply chain, but a new study shows the use of antibiotics in livestock is only expected to rise worldwide. The study showed agricultural use of antibiotics is set to increase 67% by 2030.

Spend management and procurement provider Ivalua has appointed Kevin Brooks as its chief marketing officer. Brooks was formerly vice president of marketing at iTradeNetwork, Inc.

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