Spend Matters Welcomes John Conolly as Chief Marketing Officer

We’ve hit a new stage of maturity – or immaturity, depending on perspective, and how well you know the individual in question – at Spend Matters. Today, we are proud to announce the addition of John Conolly as chief marketing officer. John joins us from the CME Group and will oversee global communication initiatives as well as marketing strategies, moving forward.

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John has more than 20 years of experience and knows the worlds of media, marketing and commodity management like no other. We’re hoping he learns procurement, too (and judging by our interactions at the pub so far, he’s picked up more in less than a few weeks than most who’ve been in the sector for years).

Lisa Reisman, CEO of Azul Partners (also known as “Dear Leader” behind her back), parent company of Spend Matters, is excited for the potential John brings to this role as his marketing prowess is only matched by his ability to put on his commodity and price risk management hat when needed.

“Earlier in his career, (John) himself was a commodity trader, so he has the unique ability to explain something that is somewhat technical and complicated to a layperson in procurement and supply chain,” Lisa said. “He is very customer-centric and is always thinking about not just what the customer wants, but how they want information delivered, how they found us and if they found what they were looking for.”

John’s skill set and experience is an especially good fit given today’s markets.

“The volatile market is alive and well,” Lisa added. “Procurement organizations are asking themselves: ‘What’s my strategy to save money, reduce risk and lock in company margins?’ ‘What’s my strategy to mitigate volatility in the supply chain?’ John has a strong point of view on these issues and what it means for our readers, subscribers and advertisers – and how the Spend Matters Network is educating and shaping perception around them.”

We asked John what sets him apart from other former traders, and he gave us an example that showcased his unique personality.

“There’s a lot of ex-traders who are now tending bar at Teddy’s during the winter on Lake Geneva. I’ve worked for over 25 years with people who need to actively manage commodity price risk and supply chains: where the decision not to hedge might be as important as the decision to take some of the risk off the table. I’ll blend my unique perspective, bringing commodity expertise – working with top commercial customers on commodity price management – with the ability to communicate this to a broad audience,” John said.

Lisa continued, “Obviously we’re excited. We do a lot of marketing for our clients, helping them grow their business and identify great prospects for what they do. It’s time for us to do the same for ourselves.”

…And continue to have a good a laugh with like-minded peers as we grow, I might add.

John will work with Spend Matters, MetalMiner and the rest of the Spend Matters Network. Read more about John’s experience, skill set and why we think he’ll be a great addition to our company, here.

John will be based in both New York City and Chicago. We encourage you to reach out to him directly: jconolly (at) spendmatters (dot) com.

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