Tackling Myth vs. Reality in Procurement

This week on Chief Procurement Officer, we began our series of dismantling the top procurement myths that exist in the industry. Written by Pierre Mitchell, chief research officer, the series includes a new post every day discussing another procurement myth and why it should no longer exist. It is clear that while some procurement practices worked 20 years ago, they shouldn't be followed today. Pierre tells us why.

Check out the beginning of the series, published this week on the CPO website. We have run through myths Nos. 1-4 so far. Read them below:

Hit Your Metrics: Procurement Myth No. 1

Pay No Attention to Cost Avoidance: Procurement Myth No. 2

Stay Away From Maverick Spending: Procurement Myth No. 3

Surveys are Silly: Procurement Myth No. 4

And, stay tuned over the next week as we continue this series, giving you one more myth to consider every morning.

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