Taulia’s New CEO Shares His Thoughts on the Financial Supply Chain

Cedric Bru was recently named Taulia’s new CEO. Cedric joined the SaaS financial tech company in 2013, first serving as chief sales officer. He also brought more than 2 decades worth of financial services and software industry experience with him to Taulia. Spend Matters recently had the chance to ask Cedric some questions about Taulia, his role at the fast-growing company and the sector as a whole. This is Part 1 of our Q&A session with Cedric, stay tuned for additional posts in the coming days.

Spend Matters: Congrats Cedric. You are taking the helm of arguable the fastest growing vendor in “this market” ... but what is this market in your opinion?

Cedric Bru: I believe there’s a fantastic opportunity in front of Taulia to streamline the financial supply chain of businesses around the world. About $100 trillion of business-to-business spend goes through these financial supply chains, and these systems often suffer from many inefficiencies. Many businesses have a lack of communication and exchange of information between buyers and suppliers, whether it is due to poor transparency because of a paper process or inefficient management of working capital, for example.

SM: What came first – the e-invoicing chicken or the trade financing (including dynamic discounting and SCF) egg? How can we accelerate the penetration of both? Are they collectively self-reinforcing or somewhat independent?

CB: At Taulia, we want to help businesses tackle their biggest pain points first. As such, some of our customers have started to deploy e-invoicing or supplier financing first. With that said, many businesses find when they implement both e-invoicing and supplier financing, that these platforms each further enhance the value of the other, so that 1+1 = 3 for some companies. Why? Most supplier financing programs are dependent on an approved invoice and many companies are struggling to approve some of these invoices quickly, sometimes even before maturity date. Moving invoices from paper to an electronic format significantly contributes to faster approvals. In addition, when suppliers get increased value by accessing one platform for e-Invoicing and financing, it maximizes their adoption rates. For these reasons, we typically recommend the implementation of both solutions.

SM: What clients and/or companies do you respect the most in this sector in terms of penetration and program success? What makes them different?

CB: Out of the names that come to mind, I will take one of the earliest adopters of Taulia and one of the most recent. For the former, it is Pacific Gas & Electric. It has embraced the use of Taulia to the fullest extents. The combination of dynamic discounting and e-invoicing has driven a massive amount of early payments. One of our more recent partners is eBay, and I really admire what it has done. Since day one, eBay has been crystal clear about its objectives. We have collaborated with the company to execute on a master plan with special attention and emphasis on its communication to suppliers. The results so far have been very solid and promising.

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