Andrew Karpie: Adding a New Services Procurement Voice to Spend Matters

Andrew busy at work reporting today from the IQNavigator event in Phoenix.

If looked at from an outsider perspective, Spend Matters has done a fair job covering the services procurement solutions landscape to date. But from my own vantage point, we’ve missed the boat on going deep on so many areas, due simply to team bandwidth constraints and the breadth of what we cover within procurement. Granted, while we’ve ramped our research efforts considerably this year, I believe there’s so much more we could be doing in studying and expanding in the contingent workforce topic and beyond.

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All of this is about to change. Even though I’ve personally covered a number of services procurement areas to date – with deeper coverage in the vendor management system (VMS) area – and my colleagues Pierre Mitchell and Peter Smith have contributed to our collective services procurement voice in multiple areas, we still have work to do. This includes going deeper on the broader services procurement ecosystem including the evolving role of managed services providers (MSPs), business process outsourcing firms (BPOs), specialized category-centric providers and the emergence of freelancer management systems (FMS) and talent marketplaces.

Starting today, with the help of our latest contributing analyst Andrew Karpie we hope to give the broader services procurement area the coverage it deserves. This week, Andrew and I will be reporting live from IQNavigator’s customer event IQNsiders. We both touched down in Phoenix, Arizona, last night and look forward to bringing Spend Matters readers and subscribers a up close look at the evolving role of services procurement solutions, starting first in April with an update on IQNavigator, including the vendor’s next generation platform, which it previewed live at the event.

Services Procurement Market Coverage

Besides sharing the same intellectual bent of the rest of the Spend Matters research team, Andrew is the most knowledgeable independent voice in the market when it comes to the future of the contingent workforce, including the rise of freelancers and independent contractors as a complement to traditional staffing models. Together, we plan to collectively lead Spend Matters expanding coverage of the services procurement market going forward.

Please join me in giving a warm welcome to Andrew. You’ll be reading our first co-authored posts this week from IQNavigator’s customer conference, and you’ll see quite a bit from his virtual pen alone in the coming weeks.

The world of labor is at once exciting and daunting. Together, Andrew and the rest of the Spend Matters team not only hope to provide a nuanced view of the role of technology in procuring both people and “outcomes”, but also what the shift to an increasingly non-employee centric workforce means for the future of organizations of all types.

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  1. Gene Zaino:

    Congratulations Jason. Andrew is a great addition to your team and true visionary in services and innovations in work arrangements.

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