Spend Matters Asks the Financial Supply Chain Expert: Taulia’s New CEO Answers our Questions

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Today we conclude our Q&A series with Taulia’s new CEO Cedric Bru. Spend Matters recently had the chance to ask Cedric some questions about his new role at the Saas financial technology vendor, the company as a whole and his take on the market. (You can check out Part 1 and Part 2, as well.) To wrap up our discussion, we ask Cedric for some of his expert advice.

Spend Matters: If you had 3 recommendations (only) to companies to help drive adoption of e-invoicing and dynamic discounting programs, what would they be?

Cedric Bru: I’d say first you should be very clear about the quantitative and qualitative objectives for your program. Secondly, you’ll want to work with partners who have a solid track record and a recipe that works – that includes technology, people and no supplier fees. Finally, I’d recommend communicating clearly and early to your suppliers about the intent and characteristics of your program.

SM: What geographies (outside the US) excite you the most in terms of growth and program adoption?

CB: I am passionate about our space because 100% of businesses around the world have needs across their financial supply chains. While the needs vary from company to company, their need exists on a global basis. I am excited about Taulia's growth plans in Europe as well as in Asia where supplier financing is in high demand, and thus drives supplier adoption to new heights.

SM: Besides Spend Matters and Trade Financing Matters (we hope!), what else do you read in this sector to keep up? Any recommendations? Trade press, business press, blogs, etc.?

CB: Spend Matters and TFM every morning and every evening, of course! In addition, I like business-wide publications like the Financial Times as well as more domain-focused press like CFO Magazine and Global Finance. I also enjoy the San Francisco Business Times in order to keep up on the Bay Area news, they’re one of the few publications that really focuses on the intersection of finance and technology.

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