A How-To For Your Supplier Diversity Program

What should procurement do regarding supplier diversity? That's the question Thomas Kase, vice president of research, poses and than answers in today's Spend Matters PRO article, Addressing Supplier Diversity: Engage with HR and Partner with SMWBEs. It's Part 2 of the series that began yesterday on how to initiate a successful supplier diversity program. The series also shares insights Thomas gleaned from his time at the recent ISM summit.

If you're still wondering how exactly to get started with supplier diversity, read this PRO article. Thomas lays it all out for you, providing steps a procurement organization should take – from working with SMWBEs to focusing on multi-tier collaboration, to investing in spend analytics projects and, if you can, staying out of the HR employee recruiting process.

This in-depth analysis of the supplier diversity topic/challenge will offer any procurement organization guidance on how to get their business program in gear.

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