Bureaucracy, Procurement Laws Hindering the Construction Industry

A lack of funding isn't the (only) reason our infrastructure is crumbling, bureaucracy is. And, in a recent article, Why Our Crumbling Infrastructure Will Never Get Fixed: It’s Held Up by Red Tape, on our sister site MetalMiner, Assistant Editor Jeff Yoders tells us why. Jeff talks about the red tape holding back these infrastructure improvement projects – from the many government permits required to the environmental assessments needed, etc.

But why should procurement organizations pay attention? Because current procurement laws are also to blame. And, when supply chain issues are not totally ironed out before a project begins, more delays can occur. Jeff provides this example, which explains the issue:

"Rigid procurement laws, driven by fear of favoritism, have resulted in a convoluted bureaucracy that is readily manipulated by bad contractors. Specifying every contract detail in advance, for example, typically results in costly change orders and bureaucratic delay. In the case of the Bay Bridge, the California Department of Transportation waived its own procurement process because of the size and scope of the Bay Bridge project, only to find that new precautions put in place to ensure the strength and safety of steel reinforcing rods in the project were not followed by the entire supply chain."

Make sure to visit MetalMiner to read the full article!

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