50 Shades of Pay Returns With Some Plumbing, I mean, Procurement Advice

50 Shades of Pay is back! Earlier today, on Spend Matters Plus, we published Shade 14, another high-level spend analysis in the ongoing series authored by Chief Research Officer Pierre Mitchell. This time, Spend Matters analyst Michael Lamoureaux co-authored the piece with Pierre, too. Plus and PRO members can check out the full article here: Maverick Spend Analysis, How to Re-Plumb Your Spend and Savings Flow – 50 Shades of Pay: Shade 14.

Pierre and Michael hit on not just how to "patch" the savings leaks in your procurement organization, but how to fix them once and for all. They write:

"If the root cause of the maverick spend is that a group of users believe a certain product is not meeting organizational needs, that the effort required to maintain compliance is more than the effort not to...or that a certain supplier is considerably easier to deal with than the preferred supplier, then, as soon as procurement stops watching, they will go back to their maverick spending ways. However, contrary to popular opinion, this can be a good thing!"

Find out more by checking out the full Plus article!

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