GPO: It’s Not What You Think

GPO: Global Process Ownership – not group purchasing organization. What is it? Well, as Pierre Mitchell describes in a new series published this week on Chief Procurement Officerit is a proven strategy based on the ability to manage cross-functional processes. In the article, Exploring Procurement’s Other GPO: Global Process Ownership (Part 1), Pierre continues:

"One simple example of this is concept is in the procure-to-pay (P2P) process. A broader example is source-to-pay (S2P). You could even define it as broadly as cash-to-cash, which covers the end-to-end supply chain. In this example, the logical global process owner would be the head of supply chain – who may be the Chief Procurement Officer (CPO) – or have the CPO reporting to him or her."

In the article, and in Part 2: The 3 Dimensions of Global Process Ownership, Pierre dives deeper into what exactly GPO is and why it is a big deal for procurement organizations. Why should you adopt this strategy? Have you already? Find out much more about GPO and procurement in our 2 latest articles on Chief Procurement Officer.

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