The Case for Change Management in Procurement: From the Horses Mouth

Change management in procurement does not get enough respect. But some organizations are making dedicated change management investments that are paying off. As we conclude our interview series with Paladin Associates’ Barb Ardell (also see Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 and Part 4), we explore thoughts from organizations that have gone through a dedicated change management process.

Spend Matters: Can you provide client references for the Influencing Change program?

Barb Ardell: Here are some testimonials. I’m happy for any of your readers to talk to these and other organizations that have successfully implemented procurement change management programs. The best place to learn is from those that have gone through a process already.

  • “I recently led the implementation of a procure-to-pay system that is being used in Rollins' domestic operations. This initiative has been as much about change management as learning how to use the new technology. With such a large focus on change management, a [dedicated change management effort] has proven instrumental for me in planning and executing strategies, and in creating and influencing the necessary change to make this program a success.” – Mark Bliese, director of supplier development & procurement – procurement services at Rollins, Inc.
  • “[Successful change management efforts and training] provide a great opportunity for attendees to learn tactics but most importantly learn the value of influence through upward, lateral and downward leadership. As we know, supply management is leadership across organization levels and this program prepares individuals to make a positive impact.” – John Robinson – president, ISM Carolinas-Virginia affiliate and director, materials management at North Carolina State Ports Authority
  • “Our team experienced a [formal change management program] at the start of a significant process transformation … It made us rethink our plans, and the ultimate success was in part due to the new ideas to which we were exposed.” – Joanna Martinez, executive managing director & chief procurement officer at Cushman & Wakefield
  • “The Influencer model provides a solid framework for influencing change. It forced us to be more robust in our planning and approach … We were deliberate in employing all ‘Six Sources of Influence’ to more effectively drive change. It also helped us to stay focused on the people being affected … It has been beneficial to have a common framework and language for approaching change [management].” – Ian O’Brien, vice president supply chain at American Cancer Society

SM: Thanks Barb for sharing your passion for the topic and offering to put readers in touch with those that have gone through programs.

BA: Absolutely. There’s much more to come. I’ve never had more fun in procurement than working on change management.

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