Spend Matters Almanac 50/50: 50 Providers to Know for 2015

50 to Know

At long last (and apologies for the delay), we are pleased to announce the release of the 2015 Spend Matters Almanac 50/50 list of Providers to Know! This list includes many players from last year and some new additions, all lovingly argued over by our dedicated team of analysts. This is a great companion piece to its counterpart, the 50/50 list for Providers to Watch.

Important to remember: the 50/50 is not a ranked list. Neither is it a nominated list. There’s no cost to being a part of it. And, keep in mind that both lists are subject to change from year to year – and we anticipate it. If you’re not included this year and think you should be, please contact us and let us know why. We’re happy to give you full consideration for the 2016 list.

As for 2015, you will notice a few changes that sets this year's list apart from last year's. First, we've added a new category: Supply Chain Risk Management. This is a trending topic in the procurement and supply chain world and one we've covered extensively on the site in recent months.

Also, you will notice in the coming weeks and months that we will be extensively promoting the 50/50 lists with 100 Companies in 100 Days, wherein each day is dedicated to a 50/50 listee complete with analysis of the company and commentary from one of our researchers. Stay tuned! Now, for the exciting part:

Here are the 2015 Top 50 Providers to Know






Inclusion in the 2015 50 to Know is meant to indicate to a procurement practitioner, advisor, or consultant that a company is worth knowing or taking a look at. The 50 to Know is not a ranked list. We cover vendor shortlists in given technology, solutions and service areas in Spend Matters PRO.


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  1. Jason Busch:

    1) Register your firm on the Alamanc (it’s free for a basic listing)
    2) Brief us, provide demonstrations and references (all if applicable)
    3) Stay in touch on a frequent basis with updates

    Homework matters, but make yourself stand out! We’ll absolutely consider you for inclusion.

    For services procurement scheduling/briefings/demonstrations, get in touch with Kendra Cato (kcato@spendmatters.com) who can set it up. Tail spend coverage falls between a few people (services procurement is Andrew Karpie and me depending on sub-area — and occasionally Peter Smith).

  2. Anup Deb:

    Hello Jason:

    Thanks for sharing the list.

    Please share the process to bring my company name in the above list for 2016/17.


  3. Jason Busch:


    Thanks for commenting … we can’t publish our client lists because of the same agreements you guys have with customers too (i.e., can’t mention a lot of names). But I can tell you, the back of the napkin analysis (which we too were curious about) was that 46 of those on the list are clients and 54 are not (give or take 1 or 2 based on when we did the analysis a few weeks ago). I hope this helps. However, for next year, we are requiring that for anyone to be considered, they must have a listing within the Spend Matters Almanac. This can be a free listing (it does not have to be at the paid level). We will communicate all of this later in the year. For those who are not there, please register now (for free!)

    Thanks again for chiming in.

  4. William Kohnen:

    It would seem that while as stated “there is no cost” to be part of either the Pros to Know or Pros to watch list that for full transparency and credibility it should be disclosed what companies o the lists are also customers of Spend Matters

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