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A Procurement Solution for the Retail, Restaurant and Grocery Store Sectors

Procurement organizations take note! Especially if you are a procurement professional working in the retail, grocery store and restaurant business. Today, on Spend Matters PRO, Vice President of Research Thomas Kase began his series on Intesource – an e-sourcing provider specifically geared toward these types of companies. The article, which is just Part 1 in a 2-part PRO series, is titled, New Intesource Tools Modernize Procurement In Grocery Retail & Restaurant Verticals. In it, Thomas tells us a bit about the company's background and why he thinks so highly of it.

Quinoa Prices Fall (Finally) Due to Rise in Production

Spend Matters welcome this guest article by Loraine Hudson of Mintec. You may not have often heard of it, but this little known cereal has big ideals associated with it, having been reported as part of the solution to world hunger. Quinoa (pronounced keen-wa) is an ancient grain-type cereal that has been growing in popularity over the past few years in the US and Europe due to its health benefits. It has been dubbed a super-food as it contains more protein than brown rice, potatoes or barley, is gluten free and is packed with vitamins and minerals. It can be used in similar ways to other grains for bread, noodle and breakfast products.

Spend Matters 50/50: Directworks – A Provider to Watch in 2015

Directworks is one of our 50 Providers to Watch. We will be highlighting all 100 companies (50 to Know, 50 to Watch) in our 2015 Spend Matters Almanac over the span of 100 days. All companies are listed alphabetically almanac, and purposely not ranked. Our first 17 will include those that will be at the ISM Conference on May 3 and 4. Directworks is not "just another" strategic sourcing tool, the company has spent over 10 years wading knee-deep into the complexities of sourcing on the direct side, and is pulling this off successfully with its many manufacturing clients.

Afternoon Coffee: Spring Cleaning of Supply Chains For Chipotle and Adidas, Oil Giants Curb African Projects

Chipotle is ridding its supply chain of genetically modified food. The fast food chain previously operated with a goal to serve “food with integrity,” which caused some issues earlier this year with a pork supplier. And, a new sustainability report from sportswear company Adidas shows it terminated agreements with 13 suppliers in Asia due to non-compliance issues. Afternoon Coffee brings you the latest in procurement and supply chain news.

The Times They Are-a-Changin’: Executing Direct Procurement

Brand new, hot off the press research from Pierre Mitchell, chief research officer at Spend Matters, is now available with Direct Procurement Execution: What’s Changing? Pierre provides a checklist to follow for executing direct procurement partner enablement. Direct spend enablement is vastly different from indirect procurement and thus requires a different set of knowledge and skills to function effectively. Once corralled, managing indirect spending is a proven commodity in controlling costs. Take it away, Pierre!

Hi, My Name is Spend Matters Network: I’m Mobile-Friendly

Spend Matters is no stranger to providing the best product/solution reviews in the procurement technology space, so the inimitable analysts that make this site tick must forgive me in advance for my simplistic drive-by review of the latest advancement in the Spend Matters universe: mobile-friendliness. Spend Matters readers and Plus/PRO members, as of the last week or so, can now scan, scroll and dive just as deep into the latest research on a clean interface for mobile phones and tablets as they have on desktop devices in the past. While we continue working on the even better technological rollouts (Spend Matters Drone℠: Coming Soon!), here's a quick spin through the Spend Matters mobile site (iPhone 5 view).

Studying Ariba’s Reinvention: Beyond the Headlines and LIVE Announcements

At vendor conferences, the big headlines typically show what e-procurement provider marketing and communications executives want to highlight. But these areas are often out of touch with what customers really care about. Fortunately at Ariba LIVE this year, there were several quieter announcements and center points in the break-out sections focused on product capabilities and features – the items customers actually are interested in hearing. Some of these jumped out and grabbed my attention. While I won’t do justice to all of them, I will share a few...

New Intesource Tools Modernize Procurement In Grocery Retail & Restaurant Verticals

Back in March, I provided an analysis of the Intesource Innovation Conference in Las Vegas. The e-sourcing provider had announced at the event that it was releasing its new supplier relationship management solution, which I had the chance to preview and wrote about in that initial Plus article on Spend Matters. Today, I continue my coverage of Intesource with more in-depth analysis. Intesource is heavily vested in supporting sourcing and procurement for companies in the retail and restaurant business – specifically grocery retail stores.