A Procurement Solution for the Retail, Restaurant and Grocery Store Sectors

Procurement organizations take note! Especially if you are a procurement professional working in the retail, grocery store and restaurant business. Today, on Spend Matters PRO, Vice President of Research Thomas Kase began his series on Intesource – an e-sourcing provider specifically geared toward these types of companies.

The article, which is just Part 1 in a 2-part PRO series, is titled, New Intesource Tools Modernize Procurement In Grocery Retail & Restaurant Verticals. In it, Thomas tells us a bit about the company's background and why he thinks so highly of it. He writes:

"...[I]ts very first client is still with them and many others have double-digit track records with the firm. As an observation, at many if not most user conferences, when I speak with a provider's customers I get the, "Psst, we're looking at its competitor X, what do you think of the company?" But in the case of Intesource, there were no such conversations. Its clients are a happy bunch, satisfied with what they are getting."

Check out the full article here. And, stay tuned for Part 2 of the series later in the week!

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