Hi, My Name is Spend Matters Network: I’m Mobile-Friendly

Spend Matters is no stranger to providing the best product/solution reviews in the procurement technology space, so the inimitable analysts that make this site tick must forgive me in advance for my simplistic drive-by review of the latest advancement in the Spend Matters universe: mobile-friendliness.

Spend Matters readers and Plus/PRO members, as of the last week or so, can now scan, scroll and dive just as deep into the latest research on a clean interface for mobile phones and tablets as they have on desktop devices in the past. While we continue working on the even better technological rollouts (Spend Matters Drone℠: Coming Soon!), here's a quick spin through the Spend Matters mobile site (iPhone 5 view).

Home Sweet Home


The Spend Matters mobile home page (above) makes it easy to search our site, sign in if you're already a Plus/PRO member, or learn more about becoming one and sign up, all at the top. Starting with the latest article, a user can navigate the entire site in a continuous scroll. Or you can...

Order Off the Menu(s)


By tapping on the left-hand menu icon (above), a user gets the option to access our research, Almanac, and many more premium goodies directly. By tapping on the right-hand menu icon (below)...


...A user can learn more about our analysts, our entire team, sponsorship options, and how to drop us a line.

Spend Matters is obviously tablet-friendly as well; below is a shot from how SM appears on the Android-run Kindle Fire (I couldn't get my hands on Jason's iPad in time, but surely many of you have one of those and can check it out yourselves.)


What About the Rest of Spend Matters Network?

Fear not – although our original sister site, MetalMiner, has had mobile-friendliness for a while (we cover that here), Chief Procurement Officer, Spend Matters UK/Europe, Public Spend Matters Europe, Spend Matters Netherlands, Spend Matters México y América Latina, SM Almanac, Trade Financing Matters, Healthcare Matters and Public Spend Forum are ALL mobile-friendly.

Check out any of the sites above on your your iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy, Microsoft Surface, Kindle Fire or [insert highfalutin' smartphone or tablet here] today!

That's not the only update – Spend Matters Almanac was updated last week, take a spin through the latest 50 Providers to Watch and 50 Providers to Know in 2015.

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