Best of Spend Matters Network – Week of April 27

Welcome to another edition of our best of roundup – a compilation of our most noteworthy and talked about articles published this week around the Spend Matters Network. Check out M&A and Amazon news on Spend Matters and find out what public procurement can learn from private organizations over on Public Spend Matters Europe. MetalMiner gives us a lesson on exponential technologies and Trade Financing tells us how the SEC custody rule is impacting finance.

Best of Spend Matters Goes Beyond AmazonSupply – Open for Amazon Business
Lot’s of news came out this week, and this is one of the biggest stories in our industry. Amazon launched its new Amazon Business Marketplace and Jason and Pierre give you their initial thoughts. Later in the week, Pierre expanded on the news in our PRO article.

What Would the Acquisition of SalesForce Mean to the Procurement Market?
Another news story, or should we say rumor as of now: Salesforce may be bought by a larger vendor. If so, what would this mean for procurement? Pierre answers your questions.

Best of Spend Matters UK/Europe

Is Procurement Reputational Risk Mis-sold?
There are some interesting comments accompanying this guest post from Dr. Gordon Murray. It's clearly a subject that stirs up a few strong feelings: the risk of poor procurement performance damaging reputation.

Procurement – The Innovation Mavens
As part of our Hot Topic theme for this month, SRM and Innovation, Alan Day of State of Flux explains why he believes procurement is uniquely positioned to become an innovation maven for its organization.

Public Spend Matters Europe

Can Public Procurement Learn from the Private Sector? A Cautionary Tale
Public sector procurement still seems to have an inferiority complex compared to the private sector. Private sector procurement is seen as more dynamic, more commercial and has better negotiators than their public sector equivalents. Yet there is little real evidence that this is the case.

TTIP Deal Draws Further Protests Across EU
A Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership deal to replace “Buy American” programs with a “Buy Transatlantic” initiative, slashing trade tariffs between the US and EU and removing regulatory trade barriers, has provoked widespread protests across the EU.

Best of MetalMiner

Exponential Technologies: Cloud Computing for Procurement
Raul de Frutos takes us through a multi-part series on what exponential technologies look like today, with case examples ranging from Uber to Alibaba to Airbnb, and what it all means for procurement.

Beijing's Folly: Chinese Steel Exports Rise Relentlessly
Stuart Burns gives us the ferrous market equivalent of "The Chinese are Coming! The Chinese are Coming!" ... even though they've already come, and have been coming, big time, as far as their steel exports go. What does it mean for the global manufacturing economy?

Best of Trade Financing Matters

How the SEC Custody Rule is Impacting Alternative Finance and Investors
Scaling institutional investment in trade receivables requires creating infrastructure, and that includes custodians (and not the janitorial kind). Discover how the SEC custody rule is impacting this space.

Give Me My Share of Wallet, Bankers Cry
Connected commerce may be making bankers share of wallet strategies less relevant in the future as more corporates develop ecosystems in the cloud using innovative technologies from non banks.

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