Procurious Big Ideas Summit – ‘The Chefs in Your Procurement Kitchen’

As part of a quick UK trip this week, yesterday I stopped by the Procurious Big Ideas Summit held at The Soho Hotel in London. I’m not sure if anyone else who knows the history of the Soho neighborhood also observed the irony of a “procurement” event there – especially one hosted by “Procurious” – but I at least got a chuckle out of it.

Venues aside – and the Soho Hotel has a truly great small conference facility – the event, being simulcast live online, kicked off with Professor/emcee Jules Goddard, a wonderful host, facilitating an icebreaker to get the audience engaged (which afforded me a pleasant and overdue quick catch-up with my conference neighbor, Mark Perera).

Launching into the day, Goodard passed the baton to Sigi Osagie, the first keynote, who gave a talk titled, “The Chefs in Your Procurement Kitchen.” Osagie’s main thesis – though a bit delayed by general oratory and history lessons around those who have risen up from challenging pasts because “we all have the capacity to achieve extraordinary things” – centered on the fact that we have a number of chefs in our procurement kitchen, all with the same tools, but with different capacity to use them based on their learned experiences.

Here are 2 of Sigi’s memorable quotes:

“We are all born with the same one is a lemon.”

“Chefs use tools, but it’s not the tools that create the best dishes. All chefs have the same tools. The critical ingredient is culinary skills – the same thing [is true] in procurement. Our people are our most critical part of success.”

I was left wanting for Sigi to flesh out his ideas a bit more as the topic is a clever one. He’s a truly gifted speaker, and 20 minutes was not enough time to do justice to the topic with the more philosophical themes that took up the bulk of the talk.

Stay tuned for additional coverage from the event in the coming days.

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